Imagine Healthy Living Now in Sequim!

CLICK HERE for In-Office Massage Services Menu Imagine Massage Moves to Sequim! After a short hiatus from the PNW, Lisa Stoddart is back on the Olympic Peninsula!  Thank you to all my wonderful clients, for welcoming me back from Fargo, ND.  While living in the midwest, Lisa sharpened her skills and widened her knowledge base… Continue reading Imagine Healthy Living Now in Sequim!


For the Love of Cheese: a Vegan Dilema

Cheese, glorious cheese! Cheddar, Parmesan, Asiago, or Brie; Swiss, feta, Colby, or brick, cheese just seems to make a savory dish more delicious. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, known for its artisan cheese production. I have fond childhood memories of shopping at a small country cheese maker's shop on a country road in… Continue reading For the Love of Cheese: a Vegan Dilema

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Yoga to Loosen Adductor Muscles

We usually take our basic ability to walk for granted--until we slip or fall and rip, tear, strain, or otherwise injure one of the many muscles utilized in this seemingly simple action.  The big mover muscles such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes are important to walking, hiking or running, and get a lot of… Continue reading Yoga to Loosen Adductor Muscles


Imagine Healthy Workouts

The Imagine Strength Training Program Upper Body categories include Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps. For the Imagine Strength Training Program, we'll alternate upper body workout days with lower body workout days. Not each and every day of every week of your whole entire life, but let's go for four days a week. No need… Continue reading Imagine Healthy Workouts

Mobile Massage

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is a great alternative to table massage, where space, time, or mobility are limited. Chair massage is received fully clothed and can utilize a variety of massage techniques to invigorate, relax, and heal.    What is a chair massage? Chair massage is a 10-45 minute massage that focuses on the high tension areas… Continue reading Chair Massage